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Best High Schools: See New York’s Top 60 institutions, from the Bronx to Staten Island

Wednesday, October 15, 2014, 12:01 AM

19. Baruch College Campus High School

55 E. 25th St., Manhattan

Enrollment: 438

Graduation rate: 99%

Average SAT score: 1577

College Readiness Index: 47.1

Post-secondary enrollment rate: 96%

Admissions: Screened. Applicants are chosen on a basis of grades, test scores and attendance. School may require interviews, essays or additional diagnostic tests. Priority is given to school District 2 students or residents, and then to Manhattan students or residents.

With partners like Baruch College and Harvard University, it’s no surprise that this school offers a true liberal-arts education in its competitive four-year program. Students from the 1% of applicants who were accepted for the fall 2013 ninth-grade class will choose from a range of electives like cognitive science and film, while they complete their coursework in science, math, English and history. The school encourages a socially conscious education with extracurricular clubs like Amnesty International and the Lorax Environmental Club, and requires yearly community service.

BaŸruchŸian | bəˈro͞okēən |

noun & adjective

- a scholar from Baruch College Campus HS

- a self-reflective and college-ready student, a global citizen, a lifelong reader

ex: After graduating from BCCHS, the Baruchians will change the world.

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