Upcoming Events

April 28: 9th gr Romeo & Juliet performances

April 28: Unique college fair (11 gr, after school)

April 29: College trip, SUNY Albany (gr 11, some)

May 1: Tech Talk

May 5-11: AP exams

May 6- 7: School play (evening)

May 12: school play (during the day)

May 13: 10th gr service day trip

May 21: 9th gr community service day

May 21: Senior Trip (great adventure)

May 27th: 12th gr performances at theater

May 28th: 12th gr performances in school

BaŸruchŸian | bəˈro͞okēən |

noun & adjective

- a scholar from Baruch College Campus HS

- a self-reflective and college-ready student, a global citizen, a lifelong reader

ex: After graduating from BCCHS, the Baruchians will change the world.

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