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Teacher & Staff Spotlight

Science Teacher Spotlight

Tamar Klein teaches 11th grade chemistry. Read more about Ms. Klein in the below link.
Angela Oldenburg teaches 10th grade Earth science and Forensic science. Read more about Ms. Oldenburg in the below link.
Sam Zimmerman has been teaching physics at BCCHS since the last millennium. Read more about Mr.Zimmerman in the below link
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Speech Spotlight

Joanna Lamb has been Baruch’s speech-language pathologist since November 2016 and has been with the DOE since 2010.
Read more about Joanna here

Restorative Practices & Staff Development

Ms. Rhetta Barron is the Restorative Practices Coordinator at BCCHS. Restorative Practices are ways of pro-actively developing relationships and community, and repairing community when conflict or harm arises through the use of advisory circles, peer mediation, and disciplinary procedures focusing on accountability and restitution rather than punishment.
Dr. Laura Rigolosi is a Staff Developer at BCCHS. Dr. Rigolosi taught English at BCCHS from 1999-2003, and then began mentoring and coaching NYCDOE teachers while earning her doctorate in English at Columbia’s Teachers College in 2015.
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Math Teacher Spotlight

The Math Department is made up of four passionate individuals who enjoy teaching mathematics and strive to help their students see both the importance and beauty of the subject. As a department, they push their students to ask questions, not give up, and believe they can be a better math student today than they were yesterday.

Brooke Feld teaches9th grade Algebra Skills and Geometry
Ruth Cogan teaches 9th and 10th grade Geometry as well as 10th grade Algebra 2.
Jocelyn Forman teaches10th and 11th grade Algebra 2
Laird Jonas teaches 11th grade Precalculus, 12th grade Calculus, and A.P. Statistics.

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History Teacher Spotlight

Marc Harper grew up in Zambia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe before attending the University of East Anglia in England were he graduated with a B.A. with honors in Sociology and Politics.

Aaron Sparrow is currently in his thirteenth year of teaching, all at Baruch College Campus High School. Prior to embarking on his teaching career, Mr. Sparrow worked as a research assistant at two Washington, D.C. public policy think tanks, and attended graduate school in economics at Princeton, from which he holds a master’s degree.

Michael King decided to pursue a career in teaching after an 18 year career on Wall Street, working as a Foreign Exchange trader and a hedge fund portfolio manager.

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