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Summer Assignments 2018

Dear BCCHS Families,
As summer approaches, many of you are looking forward to a break from the demands of school!  Keep in mind, however, that during the summer, it is important to stay engaged and keep your mind sharp, so you are ready to return to school in September.  

Summer assignments are:


Grade 9 (click to go to GDrive)

Grade 10  (click to go to GDrive)

  • Global History II
  • Spanish
  • English 10
  • College Office

Grade 11 (click to go to GDrive)

  • Spanish
  • College Office
  • AP English 11
  • US History/AP US History

Grade 12 (click to go to GDrive)

  • College Office
  • AP English Language

In addition to our summer assignments, we recommend that students get a head start on their community service this summer. Evidence will be collected in advisory. Remember! Students must complete 20 hours a year of service, so the summer is a great time to take advantage of this:

Please visit the following websites for guidance in finding community service:

We also encourage our students to read independently. In advisory, students will share about their summer reading. This can be in addition to their assigned books. For some great summer reading lists, look here:

Enjoy your summer!  The first day of school is September 5, 2018.  A letter will be sent home this summer detailing first day of school supplies, and start times for each grade.


Alicia Pérez-Katz