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  1. Update your college list on Naviance. Create a new entry on your college list for each school you are applying to. Update Naviance as you submit your applications- THIS IS CRUCIAL!!!!
  2. Fill out all student portions of the application. Most likely this will be through Common App, however, you may be applying to some schools that do not use Common App. Make sure to complete any supplemental materials that your colleges may request.
  3. Bring your transcript request form and additional forms (if any) to the counseling office.
  4. Follow up with your teachers who are writing your recommendations and make sure they know how they must send them (online or by mail) and by what date. BE SURE TO THANK THEM FOR THEIR EFFORTS!!
  5. Stay on top of your deadlines!! It is crucial you are aware of each school’s deadline and adhere to them. YOU WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR ADMISSION IF COLLEGES DO NOT HAVE EVERY DOCUMENT BY THE DEADLINE. It is your responsibility to follow up and confirm that each college has every piece of your application!