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Our Approach

Our Approach

Baruch College Campus High School (BCCHS) is dedicated to providing a challenging interdisciplinary liberal arts education for students in grades nine through twelve. Our intensive four-year program asks students to explore the philosophical, ethical, and aesthetic issues of the human experience. We are committed to creating an environment for students to develop high level thinking skills, exceed city and state performance standards and develop civic and social skills which will lead them to become socially conscious, responsible citizens.

As a small school of 500 students and 30 staff, we are focused on building a single community across all students and faculty. Our learning is rooted in college-ready coursework, social justice, and elevating student voice.

Vision Statement:

BCCHS strives to be an inclusive and equitable community. Students discover and explore their interests, collaborate, and grow into creative, confident critical thinkers. We develop empathetic leaders who are equipped to make positive change.

Core Values

Our values – rigor, community, real-world connections, global citizenship – guide our approach to learning and social-emotional development.


How do we use the five habits of mind (perspective, connections, significance, evidence and supposition) to challenge and stretch our thinking?


How do we foster and extend community in our classrooms and beyond?

Real-World Connections

How do we use our learning to understand our world?

Global Citizenship

How do we use our knowledge to solve problems and change our world?

Baruch Behaviors

We are a community of students, parents, and educators dedicated to the development of empathetic, enthusiastic, and extraordinary life long-learners both inside and outside of the classroom.


We are kind, considerate, supportive and understanding. 
We help when someone needs it.
We ask for help when we need it


We show curiosity and ask questions. 
We think critically and dig deeper in our knowledge.
We are always ready to learn.
We bring joy into the classroom.


We seek self-improvement. 
We strive to be our best selves every day.
We help others to grow and be their best selves every day.
We develop leadership within ourselves and our peers.