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Why Baruch

Why Baruch?

Community: Baruch is a small community of 500 students and 25 staff where you will build deep and enduring relationships with your classmates and faculty.  At Baruch, you will have a chance to get to know each and every student through class, clubs, athletics, or school events.  And, our teachers know each and every student as well! They provide the individualized attention you only find in a small school setting.  Every aspect of our program is designed to encourage a unified Baruch community.

Academics: Our rigorous, college-ready program prepares our graduates for admissions to leading, 4-year National universities. Our curriculum includes four years of core classes along with a strong elective offering that includes Arts, STEM, and Spanish.  We offer 7 AP classes and expect our students to complete a senior exit project.  We offer a robust ICT program to ensure all of our students are thriving and learning in an environment that meets their specific needs.

Values: Our learning is anchored in our values!  Across all learning, we emphasize student voice, social action, and social-emotional development.

Location: We are located right off of Madison Square Park in the heart of midtown Manhattan.  Our central location provides our students with access to opportunities throughout Manhattan.  Our students enjoy the open space of Madison Square Park during lunch, the school day, and after school.  

College Office: To support college readiness, we believe that guidance counselors and a college office are critical. At Baruch, 98% of students continue their education and pursue a college degree. We fund a full-time college office, providing students and families with one-on-one college counseling. The college counselors work closely with teachers and advisors to provide linkage across all four years to guide students through the college process.