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Admissions Requirements (Students applying in January, 2021)

Every 8th-grade and 9th-grade student residing in New York City is eligible to apply to Baruch College Campus High School.  

Beginning on January 16th, 8th grade NYC public school students will receive online access to an individualized high school application from their current guidance counselor.  9th grade NYC public school students can request access to an application from their guidance counselor if they wish to transfer to another NYC public high school. Students attending private/ parochial schools can also request a New York City public high school application through their current school.

Diversity in Admissions Priority

BCCHS participates in the Diversity in Admissions priority program. Eligible students for free or reduced lunch have priority for 66% of seats. 

Admissions Rubric

The BCCHS admissions rubric is posted on

Information regarding the 2021-2022 Admissions Rubric is coming soon!

Other Information

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