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Social Justice

Social Justice

We are a community that stands for equity and social justice. Our commitment to diversity is actively and intentionally undertaken by every community member: to be aware of ourselves and each other, to take care of our community – local and global – and to name and oppose inequity and injustice when it is present.

Equity Team

Our Equity Team engages with parents, students and families in conversations about the importance of identity, culture and equitable access to political, economic, and social rights and opportunities.

Equity Pledge closely examining our curricula to ensure we are teaching students the history of racism, help Baruchians see themselves in social movements of the past, and offer historic and contemporary insights into structural racism.

Engage our classrooms in discourse around what it means to be an upstander, and to talk about race.
Lift up our school values to be rooted in social justice, equity and a commitment to being anti-racist.
Engage our community to give continual input to the decisions, choices and communication across the school.
Following through swiftly to condemn any racist language or actions in our community.

Courageous Communities

Classroom environments are “courageous communities” where students learn through social justice and with an active focus on dismantling oppression.

Social Action Project

Our 10th grade students engage in a year-long Social Action Project, in partnership with the KING Movement. Students identify an area where they want to build awareness and drive change and then take a multidisciplinary approach within their ELA, Math and History classes throughout the school year.

We define Social Action as “using our power to serve others.”  Students learn how to use their voice, their intellect, and their hands to both educate and take action within and beyond their communities on a social cause which motivates them.  Students identify a need, research their cause through a variety of lenses, create strategic action plans, share their knowledge through social media, and take meaningful action to serve within their cause.  All the while, they reflect on the challenges and successes of working to make change. The collaborative activism itself, could look like any range of efforts, such as volunteering at a homeless shelter, hosting an event around Gun Violence, facilitating a racial justice forum for students, organizing a charity concert, or selling goods to raise funds for a local charity. Whatever they decide, our end goal is that they learn the extraordinary power and necessity of empathy, as well as the reality that making change on any level requires knowledge, enthusiasm, collaboration, and reflection.

Senior Exit Project

Our 12th grade students, in partnership with WiSE, complete a Senior Exit Research Project on a Quality of Life issue and compete city-wide.