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Social-Emotional Program

Social-emotional development and support are key components to high school as our students enter as adolescents and exit as young adults. We focus on both the academic and the social-emotional growth of our community. Our advisory program is anchored in our beliefs in Restorative Practices and student goal-setting.

Guidance Program

The mission of the Guidance Department is to empower students. Each school counselor blends their professional expertise, personal passion and student centered approach with the BCCHS Core Values. Counselors understand that knowing students well is essential in helping them achieve academically. Each interaction starts with an understanding that the counseling relationship requires an atmosphere of trust and confidence between student and counselor. Counselors serve in a unique capacity in the Baruch HS community as advocates for students, partners with teachers and liaisons with parent/guardians.

The commitment of the BCCHS Guidance Department is to provide direction and counseling to students in the areas of college and career planning, personal and social growth and development and academics. By the time a student is ready to graduate, it is expected that he or she will have a plan and a place to transition to the next phase of life.

Advisory Program

Advisories, which are smaller classes with 15-20 students, stay together for all four years of high school.  Each advisory has a dedicated faculty advisor who also serves as a liaison to BCCHS families. Advisors work with students individually, helping them monitor and set goals and take ownership of their own learning. Through advisory, students prepare for annual student-led conferences each spring.

Mentor Program
Our 9th grade is supported in transitioning to high school with the Senior Mentor Program, and a series of workshops in the fall and mid-year which will support them in high school readiness and belonging.

Restorative Circles
In Advisory, we engage in Restorative Circles to build community and connection. Circles are structured processes that invite students to create a brave and respectful space where they feel valued and connected. In Circle everyone is invited to speak and to be listened to. All voices are encouraged and heard. Circles help students develop the social-emotional and relationship skills that lead to ethical behavior and responsible decision making and, ultimately, to happy and productive lives. Friendships nurtured in Advisory Circles have the potential to last a lifetime.

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