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Clubs at Baruch

BCCHS offers a broad array of clubs to meet the interest of our students. All clubs are student-led organizations. We have a club fair at the beginning of each year where students can meet club members and learn more about each club’s activities and mission. New clubs are always welcome. 

This year our school has more than 40 clubs! Below are BCCHS clubs, description, contact information, and meeting details.

Archived Clubs:

The goal of this club is to provide an opportunity for everyone to learn/ improve their photography skills. Through this club we will explore photography and what it means to every individual being. We want to expose students at Baruch to the art of photography. We will assign some projects, do a few fundraisers, and maybe enter some competitions.

When: Wednesday Biweekly @ 2:45pm

Where: Room 510

Leaders: Ava Walters & Ritika Subedi

The ASL Club will allow our community at Baruch to come together and learn an incredible language. It will further our inclusive and equitable environment and teach student to become global citizens.

Join American Sign Language club and have fun with your peers while learning about the deaf and hard of hearing, how to sign, and how learning ASL is helping our community.

When: Wednesdays Biweekly @ 2:45 pm

Where: Room 506

Leaders: Kaia Olsen, Loulé Long, Ishya Washington

Art Club is open for all students who want to be creative and for people who want to develop their art techniques or portfolios by meeting others. We will engage in art activities including using a lot of different tools and techniques!

When: Wednesdays @ 2:45pm

Where: Room 510

Leader: Louise Berke

Asian Affinity is a club dedicated supporting and unifying Asian students and allies.

When: Biweekly on Wednesdays @ 2:50pm

Where: Room 507

Leaders: Ga-In Lee & Karry Guan

A club dedicated to creating birthday boxes for foster care children. Each box contains a personalized card, a handmade friendship bracelet, a handmade origami, a pencil, a lollipop, and a snack/treat. 
When: Every Thursday after school from 2:45-3:20
Where: Room 213 

BLSU is a club that talks about social justice and we explore other cultures and identities. We aim to educate ourselves and others on different backgrounds as well as our own. In this club, we typically have big conversations about current events and Black and Latinx history. This is a safe community for people of color to open up and share their experiences and thoughts on topics that we will discuss in meetings. We welcome different backgrounds and opinions, as we are not limited to POC! People of all different backgrounds and identities are welcome!

When: Thursdays 

Where: Room 306

Leaders: Larenz Smith  & Karamoko Kaba

To do community service and help children at homeless shelters and animal shelters.

When: Fridays Biweekly

Where: Room 505

Leaders: Mariannie Duran & Leah Rivera

To bring school sprit and cheer to the school and a appreciation to our athletes.

When: Wednesday afternoon – Thursday morning

Where: Cafeteria & Gym

Leader: Khylee McBryde

To bring people together with their love of books.

When: Wednesdays Biweekly

Where: Room 517

Leaders: Alyssa Peña, Mariannie Duran, Sarah Eyre

In this club members will be able to play chess against fellow members to have fun and improve their chess skills. We will also schedule fun recreational tournaments were members can compete against each other in a bracket-style tournaments.

When: Wednesdays Biweekly

Where: Room 306

Leaders: Benjamin Ro & Jordan Silberswieg



Leaders: Ivy Lin & Man Lei Chan 



In Baruch, the C4KC Club is dedicated to raising funds and awareness for childhood cancer. We intend to establish a climate of enthusiasm and openness in this family. We work alongside volunteers to accomplish goals of meetings, profit for the organization, and our wish to spread awareness for childhood cancer (in biweekly meetings). We aim to encourage everyone to be more involved in community service activities.

When: Biweekly Thursdays, 2:45 PM

Where: Room 417

Leaders: Stephanie Leung & Zana Halili

The mission of our club is to inform and educate foriegn or local students about american culture and what really makes america.

When: Wednesdays Biweekly

Where: 406

Leader: Copeland Anderson

In Debate Club, we will have fun and engaging debates about pressing political and social issues. We will be learning the basics of holding a structured debate by debating alongside and against other club members on chosen topics.

When: Wednesdays Biweekly @ 2:45 PM

Where: Cafeteria

Leaders: Stephanie Leung & Benjamin Ro

In drama club this year we’ll be doing improv and other theater games and then we’re putting on a play at the end of the year! (You’ll have such a great time… it’s almost INCONCIEVABLE)

When: Wednesdays

Where: Cafeteria

Leaders: Zana Halili & Mei-Ting Xie

A place to hang out and chat about our competitive interests in fighting games regardless of where you are from.

When: Wednesdays Biweekly

Where: Room 406

Leader: Nasir Colon

Watch movies, short films, music videos, anything!

Learn about cinematography!

Help us put on a film festival at the end of year! (A forgotten Baruch tradition)

When: Biweekly Fridays, 2:50 – 4:00 PM

Where: Room 321

Leader: Zana Halili 

Members of FSC will get to experience STEM activities with others who share the same value for science. FSC provides accessible and fun science education for everybody through engaging activities and experiments.

When: Biweekly Wednesdays

Where: To be determined

Leader: Greer Moran & Brooke Ricca 

GOAL: We want to create a safe and welcoming space where students feel comfortable being themselves! We also want to empower young queer individuals and promote support.

When: Thursdays @2:50 PM

Where: Room 321

Leaders: Izabell Mendez & Patricia Abbott

HS Math Analyzers are dedicated to teaching math in easy & comprehensive ways on YouTube

JOIN US to learn how YOU can help students all over the world, while learning the necessary skills to run a YouTube Channel and our 4 social media platforms!

When: Thursdays, 2:45PM

Where: Room 506

Leader: Jerson Yang

When: Wednesdays Biweekly @ 2:45PM

Where: Room 506

Leader: Joseph Newman

In our club we hope to explore Japanese culture through anime and to explore the process behind our favorites while providing a fun and relaxing environment catered to our members

When: Fridays 

Where: Room 406

Leader: Mahir Ali

Key Club is a community service club & organization that comes together to find interesting & fun activities for students, while fostering leadership, commitment and initiative

When: Wednesdays @ 2:45 PM

Where: Room 309

Leader: Emina Pasic

The Lorax Club is an environmental sustainability club here at Baruch that aims to spread awareness on environmental issues as well as to work towards a clean future. Our club consists of advocacy work, crafts, engaging discussions and service opportunities within and outside of school.

When: Wednesdays Biweekly @ 2:45 PM

Where: Room 507

Leaders: Sylvia Chee & Emily Jiang

BCCHS Media Team focuses on the social media aspect of the school. The team manages the school’s social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube). Media Team works close with the 411 press and Baruch Talks. Media Team is also responsible for takes pictures during school events and engaging the school community through Instagram.

When: Fridays @ 2:45 PM

Where: Room 306

Leader: Jerson Yang

The club “Mental Health Matters” will be dedicated to the teachings of mental health importance and effective ways to take care of your mental wellbeing. We want to encourage a safe space to discuss mental health issues and emphasize how vital it is to communicate with others about your feelings, we are aware that school may be a stressful, and at times lonesome environment. Your mental health affects how you act, think, and do in important aspects of your life. It can also affect how you see yourself. The stability of your emotions, actions, and thoughts depend on it. Focusing on mental health care can boost your productivity, improve your self-esteem, and encourage healthy relationships within your community. Our goal with this club is to give students access to resources to better their mental health on their own.

When: Thrusdays Biweekly

Where: Room 405

Leaders: Helen Jiang & Marilyn Oday

Model UN is a club where students simulate the committees and delegates of the United Nations and discuss world issues from a country’s perspective. We have conferences both inside and outside of school, whether in other schools or the actual UN.

When: Tuesdays 3PM

Where: 305

Leader: Anja Ciric

NHS is a nationwide organization that focuses on scholarship, leadership, service, and character. At BCCHS we meet every Friday before school and organize school events and other service projects in order to serve our surrounding community.

When: Fridays @ 7:45 AM

Where: Room 410

Leader: Sophie Abelow

What is Next Gen Politics? 

Next Gen Politics is a larger organization driven to create a more inclusive and educated political culture. 

Our Goals for Next Gen Politics? 

Next Gen aims to empower young voices and create a space in which we can educate each other on current events, foriegn and domestic affairs, and the U.S government as a whole. 

Why Join Next Gen Politics? 

Next Gen is a great way to learn more about current affairs and the U.S Government. Next Gen is also a great way to figure out if a future in politics suits you! 

When: Wednesdays Biweekly @ 2:45 PM

Where: Room 213

Leaders: Emma Nina, Selma Nahas, Emina Pasic

Our clubs mission is to build a stronger bond within our community. We also are striving to help develop collaboration and team building skills through games and team activities.

When: Fridays Biweekly @ 2:45 PM

Where: Room 307

Leaders: Chloe Scheer & Kayla Karabay

The purpose of NOW is to increase and share awareness of women‚Äôs rights to the Baruch School Community. We also intend for our members to increase their knowledge of women‚Äôs rights and expand that knowledge outside of the school community. Some of our goals include holding an all women’s career day, going to the poster house near school and having club and school wide discussions about certain prevailing issues affecting women and what we can do about it.

When: Tuesdays Biweekly 

Where: Room 405

Leaders: Meera Nagulendran

Students will be able to peer tutor others or receive help in areas they might be struggling in. This club is an opportunity to meet new people and gain an exceptional understanding of the content within Baruch’s curriculum.

When: Mondays – Fridays 2:45 – 3:50 PM

Where: Room 517

Leader: Stephanie Leung, Jordan Silberzweig

Philosophy Club is about engaging in discourse about ideas, including those from ancient philosophers and anything else that comes to mind. We will learn about some different areas of philosophy and read/watch some related material.

When: Wednesdays @ 2:45 PM

Where: Room 517

Leaders: Sarann Spiegel & Chloe Pina

Red Cross is one of Baruch’s oldest community service clubs. We are best known for leading the annual Breast Cancer walk in October, as well as the annual Thanksgiving Potluck in partnership with Cookies for Kids Cancer where we use our funds to purchase toys for the NYU Hospital Toy Drive. We also host the annual Blood Drive in direct association with the Red Cross organization. We have made it a new tradition to host an annual book drive, which calls for students to donate books they no longer need, so they could be sent to organizations that provide them to children who do not have access to such materials. There are no requirements to join the club, everyone is welcome! Please join this club, as we will help you fulfill the 20 hour community service requirement as well as give you a new outlook on serving our communities.

When: Thursdays Biweekly 

Where: Cafeteria

Leaders: Ikra Ali 

Rock The Street, Wall Street is a financial and investment literacy program designed to spark the interest of a diverse population of high school girls into careers of finance.

When: Wednesdays @ 3:15-4:15 PM

Where: Room 506

Leaders: Maddy Goldstein & Sally Zhao

We live in a super digital age! So, Scrapbooking Club is the perfect opportunity to preserve pictures and memories in a way that’s more creative.

When: Thursdays Biweekly

Where: Room 405

Leaders: Sarah Kreditor & Ella Orbach

On SAP Board we will focus on creating solutions to the culture and stigma at Baruch surrounding the topics of sexual assault, harassment and consent. The main focus areas will be adding consent to the health curriculum, creating presentations and preparing discussions to have with each grade, rethinking the reporting system, and other creative solutions

When: Wednesdays 

Where: Room 410

Leaders: Maeve Levitt & Emily Burford

This club will help organize, run, and participate in athletic events and competitions for all students to participate in (even those not in the club). Our club will help organize these events, invite others to these events, and help with any logistics necessary. These events may include basketball tournaments, baseball games, etc. It will help encourage athletics and physical activity. Fundraising may also be necessary to help fund rewards for event winners. These awards will help incentivize students to participate. For club members, helping organize and manage such events will help these students greatly in preparation for management-like jobs they may want to pursue in the future.

When: Wednesdays Biweekly @ 2:45 PM

Where: Room 213

Leader: Lucas Roberts

Tech team members assist whenever they’re available to assist. They usually meet after school.

When: Tuesdays 

Where: Room 517

Leader: Jerson Yang

The Positivity Project is a mental health awareness club. We seek to educate the BCCHS community on mental health and illness as well as create social events which bring our school closer together. In the past, we have hosted school-wide events such as creating a free hot-chocolate stand during No One Eats Alone Day in the Cafeteria.

When: Fridays 

Where: Room 517

Leader: Alexandra Brown, Olivia Kunzier, Samantha Palombo, Maddy Goldstein

Media Team runs the Baruch’s social platforms, website, and online newspaper. We are also in charge of school photography and videography. We document school events, interview teachers, write opinion articles, take photos and videos, etc… 

All experience levels are welcome!

When: Wednesdays 2:50 – 3:30 PM

Where: Room 310

Leaders: Sam Palombo, Maddie Goldstein, Julia Goldberg

If your club is not listed or there is an issue please email