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Baruch Events

Baruch Events

Our close-knit school community at Baruch is centered around an annual set of events and traditions. These events bring our community together throughout the year to achievements, deepen relationships or consider life outside of school.

Voices of Humanity

Voices of Humanity: 15+ speakers join us on campus to present the stories of their own activism.  The program is targeted to our sophomore class and students visit with each presenter in a small group setting to engage and understand their work. The speakers represent a wide range of service initiatives and activism including educators, artists, film-makers, policy analysts, social workers, environmentalists, researchers, journalists, lawyers, doctors, advocates, program directors, writers.  While their work varied, they were all able to talk to students in small groups about how movements are built and how real change is made. They spoke about a range of issues such as environmental safety, criminal justice reform, educational equity, racial justice, immigration, consent culture, human rights, youth politics, AIDS awareness, child welfare, gender equity, labor laws, and rights for those with disabilities.

Career Day

Annual event bringing 20+ leaders from public, private and non-profit sectors to share their professional experiences with Baruch students. The event is held on our campus during the school day.  Each student has an opportunity to listen to presentations from the invited leaders and ask questions.  Career day is integrated into the general curriculum with students responsible for preparing individual or group assignments varying by class and grade level. 

Itami High School Partnership

Baruch has a long-standing partnership with Itami High School in Japan. Each year we host a small group (7-10) of students and teachers for a weeklong visit to Baurch. The Japanese students are paired with our Global Citizen Ambassadors, who will take them to classes and introduce the students to our Baruch community. The visit concludes with a performance of Japanese dances and cultural exchange.

Poetry Slam

The poetry slam is an annual event where Baruch students share their talent with the school community

Take a look at last year’s slam!

Freshman Trip

As part of orientation, the freshman class takes a full-day trip to Camp Bernie. It is a great day to deepen new relationships and get to know your new classmates outside of the school setting.

Cultural Show

The annual show features student performances that celebrate the cultural diversity at BCCHS.

Film Festival

Films created by students and faculty are shown at this annual festival, which is organized by the Film Club.

Evening in the Arts

Evening in the Arts is a celebration of the arts within the Baruch community. Performances include drumming, music, drama, and art displays from Baruch students. The celebration occurs toward the end of the school year.

Sports Banquet

Student-athletes, coaches, families, and friends celebrate the accomplishments of Baruch’s athletic year. The Banquet includes awards to recognize the scholar-athletes of the year. A highlight of the celebration is a compilation video cataloging each team’s accomplishments.

Field Day

Field Day occurs at the end of each school year when students and faculty attend a social outing in Central Park. Students participate in peer-led activities and represent their advisories in competitive games. These events are hosted by Sophomores who plan out the theme of the day, games to play, and other creative activities that enhance Baruch’s spirit and teamwork. This is a fun and relaxing day for students and teachers after a busy year full of homework, projects, and exams.

Advisory Trip

Each semester, advisories take a variety of trips to get to know one other better. Advisories have taken trips to local parks as well as restaurants, billiard halls, movie theaters, ice skating rinks, bowling alleys, and even to school to have a party. These trips typically occur on Fridays from 12 pm to 3 pm and days vary between grades.

Senior Trip

Each year, the graduating class goes on a Senior class trip to celebrate their graduation. Past trips have included Florida, Virginia Beach, VA, Cape Cod, MA, and more!