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Community Service

Service & Leadership


Students must complete 100 hours of community service over four years of high school. Students must maintain a log of hours and evidence of completed service. Logs and evidence are submitted to the Assistant Principal for review and approval.


All students have an account with x2Vol. students should enter service hours for confirmation in x2Vol.
Need help accessing x2vol?  See your guidance counselor! 

Student Leadership:

Students will have opportunities to apply for leadership programs in our school to demonstrate their commitment to service to our community. 


Students are encouraged as part of our dedication to service and leadership, to participate in leadership opportunities in our school: 

Senior Mentors 

Grade 12 students support grade 9 in transitioning to high school

Teacher Interns

Students in grades 11 & 12 support teachers and their peers in being a classroom aide/school intern during their free periods

Translation Team 

Open to all grades

Students translate written documents for families into Chinese and Spanish

Tech Team

Open to all grades

Students support our schools technology, hardware and software, and update the website

Equity Team

Open to all grades

Students plan bi-mothly town halls centered on topics in equity and help our school towards being an anti-racist space


Students apply for 11th grade

Students who exhibit leadership, scholarship and character are selected and participate in leading the school in service projects

Student Government

Open to all grades – one to two reps per advisory

Students meet weekly to ensure student voice is part of our school system and structures

Lorax (sustainability)

Open to all grades

Students spearhead sustainability efforts for our school, including recycling, organic composting, and improvement projects for our school to be more environmentally friendly

Baruch Ambassadors

Open to grades 10-12

Students lead school tours, online open houses and orientations for prospective students & families.

Club leaders

Students lead clubs through organizing and planning events for the club and larger school impact.


**Students who apply to be in a leadership role (club president, NHS member, etc) need to demonstrate character as students at BCCHS. Staff advisors of clubs must run any leadership applications past Principal Perez-Katz to ensure that they do not have a flag for suspension or equity pledge violation. (Form coming soon!)