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For CUNY Applications:

1. Update your college list on Naviance

  • Be aware that there is a “City University of New York” college listing. Do not select this option! Add a new entry for each CUNY school that you are applying to.

2.  Fill out the CUNY application online

  • Go to where you will be prompted to register for a free CUNY portal account. You must complete this to apply. Once you log on to the CUNY portal you will be able to complete your CUNY application.
  • In the Student Information Section under High school/Secondary School Information, where it asks for the name of your high school, type “Baruch College Campus High School” and click the box that says “Search for HS in NYS”. When you select Baruch College Campus High School a new question will pop up asking you to type in your OSIS #. This is a 9-digit number that can be found next to your name on your Baruch transcript. You MUST supply your OSIS number, CUNY will obtain your transcript electronically and Baruch will be able to track your application status. Do not move forward with your application without filling in your OSIS number.
  • You can apply to up to six CUNY schools with the online application.
  • CUNY prefers that you pay online, however if you prefer to pay by check or money order the check should be made out to CUNY UAPC for $65. All checks should have your name written on them. You can apply to up to six CUNY schools with this one fee. Checks, Fee Waivers, and Money Orders should be sent to: University Application Processing Center, PO Box 350136 Brooklyn, NY 11235-0001. If you are mailing to the honors college the address is University Application Processing Center, PO Box 359021 Brooklyn, NY 11235-0001.
  • Fee waivers for CUNY are limited and will be given on a first come/first serve basis.

3. CUNY (other than the Honors College and Teacher Academy) works on a rolling admissions basis (meaning there is no deadline and applications will be reviewed for admission once all required materials are received by the processing center). The earlier you send this application, the better.

Students must comply with the College Office deadline to ensure applications are sent to the CUNY application processing center before Thanksgiving.