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Naviance will be a powerful tool to aid you as you navigate the college process. With this database, you will be able to search for colleges that match your interests and qualifications, identify those schools you are considering applying to, and submit important material such as applications and teacher recommendations, while keeping track of important deadlines and more. Naviance is linked with your Common Application login so that when you submit your application, the other materials that need to go with it will be sent automatically. This system will help both you and the College Office ensure that all parts of your college applications are completed and sent in an organized and timely fashion.

You may access Naviance here:


In order for the process to go smoothly, please follow these guidelines:

  • List each school you are applying to under “Colleges to which I am applying” This is the only way your transcripts will get sent out!
  • You will need to register for the Common App and enter your user name and password into Naviance before the College Office can send anything out. You may do so here:
  • At this point there will be a waiver for you to sign in which you say you do or don’t waive your right to see your recommendations. IT IS STRONGLY SUGGESTED YOU WAIVE YOUR RIGHT. Colleges will take your recommendation MUCH more seriously if you waive your right to read it and teachers will write a more personal and meaningful recommendation.

Please see the attached User Guide for a more detailed look into how Naviance works.