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Parent Circle

Parent Circle

The Parent Circle engages our Baruch families in a variety of programming throughout the year.  We have a speaker series that spans topics from parenting to college applications and also a monthly study group that explores topics important to the Baruch community.
Parent Space: Monthly Study Group
2021-2022 Topic: Confronting Racism

Your kids are about to embark on a year defined by our changing America, and Baruch has committed to developing an Anti-Racist lens for the curriculum. This year, you have an opportunity to engage in the kinds of conversations that your kids will be having — with your fellow Baruchian parents.

The goal is to examine this urgent topic in order to gain personal insight about our own explicit and implicit beliefs and values, so we can better confront racism. Our hope is to bring parents together to meet and connect in a social space focused on this deeply important work. Over the course of the year, we’ll take on different kinds of texts or sources: podcasts, poetry, literature, news, comedy, or music. 

Upcoming Meetings
2021 October Meeting: Call In Culture

Please listen to this 45 minute podcast on ‘call in’ culture, the Baruch-preferred approach, different from ‘calling out’ or ‘canceling’:

If you would like to look at a few “pre-listening questions,” check out the Times guide here.

2021 January Meeting

We discussed Stamped: Racism, Anti-Racism and You — A Remix by Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi. The book is intended for YA audiences and is a quick, invigorating read — a fascinating look at American history and racism. 

December Meeting Materials


List and dates to follow