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For SUNY Applications:

  1. Update your college list on Naviance.
    • Add a new entry for each SUNY school that you are applying to.
    • On Naviance, the easiest way to find your school is to type “SUNY” into the “Search for Colleges” box, which will pull up the full list of SUNY Schools.
  2. Fill out the SUNY application OR the Common Application. **There are many SUNY schools that use the Common Application. You should use EITHER the SUNY application OR the Common Application, not both. If you are applying to other Common Application schools and all of the SUNY schools you are applying to are on the Common Application, just use the Common Application. If you are not applying to other Common Application schools, just use the SUNY application at
  3. Some SUNY schools will require a supplemental application form, which requests additional information such as an essay, letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, and any other supporting information. Have this information completed when you are ready to apply so that your application materials get processed in a timely manner.
  4. As SUNY uses a rolling admissions process (meaning that applications will be reviewed for admission once all your materials are received), the earlier you send your application the better.

Students must comply with the College Office deadline in order to ensure that applications are sent to colleges before Thanksgiving.