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An interactive vocabulary builder, which helps students build vocabulary by seeing word usage in the daily news. One of the largest subscribers to the site includes those students studying for standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT and the graduate level admissions GRE. Vocabulary doesn’t have to be locked in a workbook and locked away. For SAT and the ACT, there is reading comprehension which encourages reading of real news and current events. The iphone app will give students a chance to vocabulary from classic novels like Oliver Twist and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
Has evolved into a comprehensive online and mobile word learning destination that offers immediate, free help to students and caters to their personal learning goals. The portable, adaptive and customizable site provides proven study and test methods across platforms, as well as interactive study tools that support curriculums from elementary through graduate school, offering a free, easy way to enrich the educational experience.

Word Dynamo
Gives students and teachers alike a blended online learning technology fueled by gaming and social features that bridge classroom and outside learning. By combining the ease and energy of gaming with the expertise in language and learning, along with some diagnostic technology, has created a product that enables students to grow their command of language at their own pace, complete homework faster, and improve test scored along with overall academic performance. Teachers can also use Word Dynamo to augment in-class lessons and as resources for homework and study tools.