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Timeline for Seniors


  1. Check the notices posted outside of the college office.
  2. Schedule your first senior individual session with the College Advisor.  A student may invite his/her advisor to join this meeting. Parents are encouraged to attend this meeting. Your ticket to this meeting will be the completion of your letter to the College Office and your summer assignment package. These must be submitted to your advisor within the first two weeks of September. No recommendations will be written until you do so. You and the College Advisor will update your “college list”.
  3. Register in September to take the October SAT or ACT exam. Register by October to take any additional SAT exams in either November or December. Registration forms are available in the College Office or you can register on line at
  4. Contact the colleges for their applications and descriptive literature.

 October, November, December

  1. Take the October SAT I.
  2. Register for the November and December SAT I & SAT II testing dates.
  3. Financial Aid
    Students seeking financial aid must submit applications to the appropriate sources. To receive money from the Federal Government, families must file the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid- see section on Financial Aid).   This form must be filed after January 1st of your graduating year.  To sign electronically, you and your parent will need a U.S. Department of Education PIN which you receive by applying to  Some private colleges may also require the completion of a CSS profile form.  You can register for the CSS PROFILE online   Some colleges may also use their own forms, which can be obtained directly from the colleges. It is important to read materials from each college to find out about required forms and deadlines. (Additional financial aid information can be found on page 20)
  4. College Visits
    Visit those colleges where on-campus interviews are recommended. Columbus Day is a good time to visit colleges, have interviews, or have a college overnight. Make an appointment well in advance as this time may fill up well in advance. However, if a visit is to take place on school time, be sure to follow regular attendance procedures. Always inform your teachers that you will beout for a college visit and arrange to get the class assignments ahead of time.
  5. Visits to BCCHS by College Representatives
    Check the College Office bulletin board DAILY for notices indicating the date, time, and/ location of visits to BCCHS by college representatives. Your teacher must formally excuse you prior to the meeting in order to miss a class.
  6. Early Action Early Decision (ED/EA)
    If you intend to apply to a college for Early Decision or Early Action, you must inform the College Office, attend the ED/EA meeting, complete a Green Sheet/ Release of Information Request (available in the College Office) and attach it to each application, which you submit to the College Office for official filing. (See sample in appendix.) In order for applications to be received by the college deadline, applications must be submitted to the College Office at the dates given by the College Office.
  7. Early Decision
    Respond to ED acceptances by the stated deadlines
  8. Recommendation Letters
    Give Teacher Reference Forms to the teachers of your choice.   You must give your teachers at least three weeks advance notice from the deadline date of the college you are applying to. Fill in the basic information such as your name and school, etc. Either type or print legibly this information. Provide each teacher with an addressed, stamped envelope. Attach a note informing each teacher of the applicable deadlines. Complete the forms that your teacher may require you to submit for your recommendation to be completed. Thank the teacher(s) for their willingness to write on your behalf. Inform the College Advisor in writing of your final list of college choices. Fill out and mail applications to all colleges on your final list.
  9. Sending Your SAT Scores to Colleges
    The College Office will send out your SAT scores when you grant permission by checking on the green sheet to send out your scores. Remember that there are colleges that will only accept SATscores directly from the College Board.   You should be informed of this on your college application, but if you are not sure you should contact the college. This should be done early if you are filing an ED application.

January and February

  1. Financial Aid forms are due as soon as possible after January 1
  2. Regular applications are due
  3. First semester grades are sent to colleges

April, May, June

  1. Traditional reply dates are April 1-10
  2. Acceptance/deposit due to one college only by May 1
  3. Wait-list decisions usually come in the end of May or beginning of June