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2019-2020 PSAL FORMS

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Below is the tryout info for both soccer and volleyball, as well as information regarding the necessary forms. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!  You are not eligible for a team until you complete the forms according to PSAL (Public School Athletic League) regulations. Email me, the Athletic Director, with any questions or concerns. Ms. Di Rico cannot accept forms via email, however, so be sure to turn those in to your coach at tryouts.
Team: Boys Varsity Soccer
Coach Name/ Email Address: Mike Breman   <>
Tryout Dates:  Wed, 8/21, Thurs, 8/22, and Fri 8/23 (starting at 9am each day)
Note: Preseason training will continue the following week!
Tryout Location: East River Park Track Field
Team: Girls Varsity Soccer
Coach Name/ Email Address: Greg Levine  <>
Tryout Dates: Wed, 8/21 at 8:30am
Tryout Location: East River Park Track Field

Team: Girls Varsity Volleyball
Coach Name/ Email Address: Kaitlin Palmieri <>

Tryout Dates: Tues, 8/27, Wed, 8/28, and Thurs, 8/29 (10am – 12pm each day)
Tryout Location: 
Baruch High School Gym——————————————————————————————————

The following is required for any and all athletes trying out and playing on BCCHS PSAL teams. ONLY ORIGINAL FORMS can be accepted (NOTE: Photocopies, scans, or photos of forms cannot be accepted!). Forms are linked here and at the bottom of the page!
  1. PSAL Parental Consent Form: This must be filled out completely, with 13 initials from your parent /guardian, and a signature at the bottom This form must be filled out after 8/1/19 for this school year. A new parental consent is needed for each sports team you tryout for.
  2. PSAL Medical Consent Form: For this school year only, there are two acceptable forms: Option A (old form) or Option B (new form): In both cases, the form must be completely filled out, with full patient history, doctor examination information, official stamp from doctor’s office, parental and doctor’s signatures, etc. If any info is missing, the form cannot be accepted. Other forms cannot be accepted in place of this form. All pages must be submitted. The Doctor’s stamp and license # are important. This form is valid for one year from the date of the exam.
  3. Parents/ Guardians and Athletes must read this Concussion Information sheet, but no printout or signature of this is required.
  4. Once on a team, an annual $100 Athletic Fee must be submitted. Checks can be made out to Baruch College Campus High School. Please turn in check or cash in an envelope with the athlete’s name and team to either the coach or Athletic Director Diana Di Rico. If your family cannot pay the full amount, please email or come speak to the coach/ AD. This fee is only required once per year.

 PSAL Forms: