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BCCHS Program Update

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BCCHS Hybrid Program 2020-2021

As of October 19, 2020, BCCHS was approved for an exception model for our hybrid program.  The model is as follows:

  • All instruction is remote.
  • Hybrid students attend school to complete online work and for individual and small group instructional support, as needed.

We are evaluating in-school attendance and making schedules for hybrid students to receive support when at school.  In order to maximize student-teacher interaction, we are making the following adjustments to our in-person cohorts, under this exception model.

For families who select the hybrid model, our in-person schedule will look as follows:

Effective as of November 30th, 2020

Students will either:

  1. Attend grade-level day
Grade 12All gradesGrade 9Grade 10Grade 11


  1. Attend school 5 days a week* 

When in school:

  • Students will have access to breakfast, lunch, a laptop and headphones.
  • They are permitted to socialize with peers in their room.
  • Teachers will be available to assist students as needed, and depending on scheduling availability, on their assigned in-person day.
  • All whole class instruction will occur online on zoom. In-person teachers will be available to support students with small group and one-on-one supports, when students are not attending zoom classes.

In-person teachers:

The following teachers are in person on their grade-level day, and will be available to meet with hybrid students this year in the building, subject to change :

Grade 9Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12
Ms. Benowitz – Algebra/GeometryMs. Cortissoz – Algebra ICTMs. Hunter – Living Environment ICTMs. Hovsepian – Global History IMs. Mendez – English 10 ICT & Global History II ICTMr. Blackman – Global History IIMs. Cogan – Geometry/Algebra IIMs. Mistretta – Geometry ICT, Earth Science ICTMs. Grey – Earth Science/AP Environmental Science
Mr. Keijzer – US History ICTMr. Rondon – US History/AP US HistoryMs. Kilic-Gonul – ChemistryMs. Biggs – English 11/AP LanguageMs. Wheeler, GuidanceMs. Forman – Algebra IIMs. Marenghi – Gov/EconMr. Bonomini – Physics, Calculus ICTMs. Gumina – English/Gov ICTMs. Wheeler, Guidance

The following teachers are available in school on Tuesdays:

Ms. Nardacci – Spanish 2 & 3

Ms. Hawrylewicz – Art 9 & 10

Mr. Breman – PE 9-12

Tuesdays are optional days for hybrid students. They can attend school on Tuesdays for Spanish help, PE enrichment or art enrichment.  Each week, students will be asked to confirm one week in advance if they plan on attending on Tuesday.

Hybrid students can remain in the building until 4 pm in order to attend a virtual club.


Attendance is recorded by students attending their zoom classes. If a student is hybrid, they will be marked absent if they are not in the building, but this is for internal purposes only. We will call your home if you intended for your child to attend school and they are not present, so we ensure that they are healthy and safe! 

*families who select the 5 day/week hybrid option will receive confirmation after November 16, and is dependent on the number of students who enroll to return to hybrid.


How to Opt back in to hybrid:

  • If you are currently a remote-only student, the Chancellor recently announced that November 2-13 is the only opt-in period for hybrid for the remainder of the school year. For families that opt back into hybrid learning, you would first select to opt into hybrid through the Learning Preference Survey.
  • We are asking BCCHS families to additionally fill out this survey so we can plan according to our model. Please indicate here which hybrid group you would like your child to participate in. We will then assign students to classrooms and to meeting times with teachers in the building on those days.
  • Students who are currently remote and opt back into hybrid will begin the hybrid model on November 30, 2020.
  • Students who are currently enrolled as hybrid students and wish to remain hybrid do not need to do anything. The new schedule will begin November 30th. In the meantime, students would continue to attend school according to the A, B, C cohort days.