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Message from the Principal

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Dear families,
Beginning on Monday, December 17, your child’s grades will be up to date in PupilPath for the mid-term for marking period 2. Teachers wrote anecdotals that you should review in PupilPath for some students as well.
Advisors will be conferring with all students this week, reviewing their progress thus far and developing plans for the remainder of the term.
As a reminder, we are now a term model, which means that students will receive 1 credit per class on January 31, 2019, which will be a finalized grade on their transcript. Final semester 1 grades are an average of quarter 1 and quarter 2.
If you have questions, you can reach out to your child’s advisor (email them by last name.first or call the school directly) and/or their counselor (Ms Smith – grades 9 & 11; Ms. Grebstein, grades 10 & 12.)
If you do not have access to your PupilPath account, please contact our Parent Coordinator, Janice Salmeri, who can help you access your account by emailing her at, or calling her at 212-683-7440.
The last day of classes for this marking period is Friday, January 18. More information regarding Regents week schedules will be coming out in the beginning of January.
Alicia Perez-Katz