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Ms. Ross’ Book Fund!

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Empathy and Humanity: Literature in the Time of Covid.

Thank you for taking the time to read this- while I have been working with Donors Choose for many years, this is uncharted territory to request books shipped to my home where I individually wrap and mail them out to students- what a shift for us all, on every possible level.

My students all live in New York City but in varying settings and circumstances. While some have the means to compensate for what is lost in the classroom, many don’t have ready access to books and supplies.

As an English teacher, I’ve always believed that if kids have books, then anything can happen. It’s the least I can help with during these times.

For our summer reading, students will read short story collections of their choice, examining a particular author’s craft, style, and ability to shape meaningful characters and settings. In the fall, we will begin our curriculum, either near or far, by examining the specific elements of the short story as a unique genre.

Thanks so much,
Rita Ross