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Parent-Space: Racism in America

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Parent-Space: Racism in America Next Meetings 

December 7th and January 25th

Monday December 7 (6-7pm). We will be viewing a series of short videos to discuss

Meeting ID: 832 1546 6868

Passcode: Baruch


Last month’s meeting was a great way to reflect and connect with Baruch parents. You don’t need to have attended in the past in order to come on Monday.

There is homework, though! And it is SHORT and also FASCINATING.

Please watch these videos in advance (about 30 min total):

What is the construct of race? The Vox video:

What is implicit bias? The NYT series, 6 short videos starting with Peanut Butter, Jelly and Racism:

What are white views of racism (an unscientific survey)? 

The CBS This Morning piece:

Media portrayal and racial bias: a project by Alexandra Bell

Additional video we recommend: 

What about the ‘riots’ this summer? Experience one woman’s anger and a Monopoly analogy in this viral video:

The Monopoly analogy explained further, later, in a BBC interview:

Please reflect on what surprised you, or was particularly notable for you in this content, and we look forward to discussing on Monday.

The goal of this new monthly study group is to meet (online) and connect with fellow parents to focus on the deeply important work of confronting racism. We aim to gain personal insight about our own explicit and implicit beliefs and values.

We welcome all parents and caregivers to participate. As we work together, we’ll decide what texts or sources about American racism to study: podcasts, poetry, literature, news, comedy, or music.

Monday January 25th (6-7pm): We will be discussing the book Stamped: Racism, Anti-Racism and You — A Remix by Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi.

This book is intended for YA audiences and is a quick, invigorating read — a fascinating (and very engaging) look at American history and racism. The audio book is also excellent and could be a great car ride, at 4:00 in length.

There will be an opportunity to discuss this book WITH YOUR STUDENT, as teachers and students will have the opportunity to read as well (details to come). Get a head start and begin now — same for your child!