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Symposium of Activists

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Hi parents and guardians:
Ms. Cogan and Ms. Di Rico are very excited to host a first-ever conference of activists for 10th grade students. Each year, students do an extensive social action project to change the world in some specific, measurable, meaningful way. To that end, we have been inviting in activists, speakers, performers, etc. to inspire and equip the students in making real social change.
We define activist as anyone who is using their power in a purposeful way to exact positive change and/or reverse social injustice. We want to show students that so many of us, in our regular day jobs, or in addition to our regular day jobs, work to make the world a better place. This work might be direct volunteer service, fundraising, non-profit work, advocacy, research, education, policy analysis, or any other method of making change.
If you, in your work or your life in general, are an advocate of change, we would LOVE to have you in on Friday, 2/15 to participate in a Symposium of Activists, 1:15 – 2:50pm. During this time, each visiting activist will meet with small groups of students to discuss what issue they work to address and how they make change happen. You would not be speaking or presenting to a large audience; instead you would be chatting with small groups of kids for about 15 minutes at at time.
If you have questions, write to Ms. Di Rico and Ms. Cogan, and we are happy to fill you in more.
We hope to hear from many/all of you!
Happy holidays,