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Month: June 2018

Message from the Principal

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Dear Families,
The bittersweet moment has arrived to say goodbye for the summer. It’s hard to believe that another school year has passed. Thank you for an amazing year!
We’ll miss those who graduated this past week and are now moving on from BCCHS. You’ll forever be part of this community that feels more like family.
Please note that the building is closed for the summer. We look forward to seeing you on the first day of school – mark your calendars: Wednesday, September 5th.
Have a wonderful summer,
Alicia Perez-Katz

Emergency PTA Meeting

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The school administration would like to host a half day workshop for teachers on Monday September 24th. Because this is not a DOE scheduled half day, the PTA must vote to approve it. We will have a very short PTA meeting on Tuesday July 10th at 8AM to take the vote. This will be the only item on the agenda.

Emergency PTA Meeting : July 10th at 8AM
For more information, please contact Shino or Sheryl at

History Teacher Spotlight

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Marc Harper grew up in Zambia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe before attending the University of East Anglia in England were he graduated with a B.A. with honors in Sociology and Politics.

Aaron Sparrow is currently in his thirteenth year of teaching, all at Baruch College Campus High School. Prior to embarking on his teaching career, Mr. Sparrow worked as a research assistant at two Washington, D.C. public policy think tanks, and attended graduate school in economics at Princeton, from which he holds a master’s degree.

Michael King decided to pursue a career in teaching after an 18 year career on Wall Street, working as a Foreign Exchange trader and a hedge fund portfolio manager.

Read more about our History teachers here

Math Teacher Spotlight

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The Math Department is made up of four passionate individuals who enjoy teaching mathematics and strive to help their students see both the importance and beauty of the subject. As a department, they push their students to ask questions, not give up, and believe they can be a better math student today than they were yesterday.

Brooke Feld teaches 9th grade Algebra Skills and Geometry
Ruth Cogan teaches 9th and 10th grade Geometry as well as 10th grade Algebra 2.
Jocelyn Forman teaches10th and 11th grade Algebra 2
Laird Jonas teaches 11th grade Precalculus, 12th grade Calculus, and A.P. Statistics.

Read more about our Math teachers here

PTA Meeting – June 13, 2018

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College Insights from 12th Grade Parents

Don’t miss this must-attend year-end PTA meeting to hear from a panel of 12th grade parents. They will share tips for applying to college including what they wished they knew at the end of 11th grade, what they learned along the way and mistakes to avoid.

This meeting is for any interested 9-12 grade parents. We hope to see you there.

SLT Elections

Our School Leadership Team (SLT) election will take place at the June 13th PTA meeting.
  • There are 3 positions open
  • To nominate yourself or another, please complete the online form, below
  • You do not need to be present at the June 13th PTA meeting in order to be elected
  • If you have questions about this election, please contact Mary Vallon (
  • SLT Nomination Form

BCCHS Gold Standard

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Baruch College Campus High School was rated as being among the best high schools by US News and World Report.

BCCHS was awarded a gold medal and ranked #362 nationally and #49 in New York State based upon reading and mathematic proficiency, college readiness, and percentage of students taking and passing advance placement exams. BCCHS’s 99% graduation rate and diverse student population was also noted.

To read more, click here

Guidance for Families Who are Active Military Personnel

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As a part of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), all schools must identify students with a parent or guardian who is a member of the armed forces on active duty to help understand the best ways to support these students. Please review this form or translation The notice asks families to sign and return the form letter if at least one of the student’s parents or guardians is on active duty in the armed forces.

Spotlight on Restorative Practices & Staff Development

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Ms. Rhetta Barron is the Restorative Practices Coordinator at BCCHS. Restorative Practices are ways of pro-actively developing relationships and community, and repairing community when conflict or harm arises through the use of advisory circles, peer mediation, and disciplinary procedures focusing on accountability and restitution rather than punishment.

Dr. Laura Rigolosi is a Staff Developer at BCCHS.
Dr. Rigolosi taught English at BCCHS from 1999-2003, and then began mentoring and coaching NYCDOE teachers while earning her doctorate in English at Columbia’s Teachers College in 2015.

Once a week Dr. Rigolosi comes to BCCHS and and helps teachers hone their instruction by helping them create engaging, relevant lessons that are rooted in research. She works with individual teachers, teams of teachers, facilitates the after school professional learning, and leads workshops for teachers on increasing their classroom literacy practices.

“I honestly look forward to coming to Baruch every Monday. The teachers, administrators and guidance counselors are dedicated to being the best educators they can be…it’s so inspiring!” -Dr. Rigolosi

Course of Study Selection and AP Opportunities

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All courses at BCCHS are taught at an honors level. Each subject is designed with a course sequence, laying a foundation in 9th and 10th grades, and preparing students for advance coursework in 11th and 12th grades.
Requirements and options may vary by subject and year.
Advance Placement AP English is built into the curriculum and students may opt to take the AP Exam.
In other subjects, such as Math, Science, History, and Spanish, AP is an elective or additional course offering.
Students complete a year of visual arts and have the opportunity to complete a 3 year Visual Arts sequence.
There are additional requirements for Physical Education, Advisory, and Community Service.
  • Review BCCHS subject course sequence, requirements, and options with your child.
  • Discuss which Advanced Placement AP classes they would like to prepare for.
  • Students in grades 10 and 11 will fill out an interest survey in Advisory this week.
  • Entrance criteria and applications will be sent to those students in grades 10 and 11 who indicate interest on the survey.