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Support The Softball Team – Coach Juan

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From Coach Juan:

My Students

I have a wonderful squad at the Girls Varsity Softball Team. They love the sport. Some are very good players. Most are new to the sport and learning the ropes as we go since the softball season in NYC is extremely short. I have coached this team for my fourth season with the current one. We were a Class C team the year I took over. Since we moved to B division and currently, we are at A division, undefeated after six games this season. We still have a lot to learn but thankfully, I have a team eager to learn the game.

My Project
A team shows players comradery, the value of team work, even when they go out in the real work and become part of the work force. I believe if the players have equipment that is better suited for them, they will participate with more impetus and eagerness.

The safety aspect is also of prime importance when the player can trust their equipment works to their advantage and won’t fail them.
They give it their all more confidently. We want our girls to go out there and have a good time as they learn the game of softball. We don’t want them to spend their time afraid of what can happen, but instead to concentrate on improving their game level.

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